Describing Words

30 09 2011

After learning to re-tell the story of Goldilocks, we practice our speaking!  For our EAL learners, a great way to get them to practice talking is using the new story vocabulary they have just learned.

Another great way to get our speakers to talk, is to provide an authentic experience like trying porridge, then exposing them to new vocabulary.  Here, our learners described how the porridge (oatmeal) tasted.

Comparing Words

28 09 2011

Comparing and contrasting are used to help us understand similarities and differences between things.  The process of classification is practiced in every content area.  We compare in math, science, reading and writing.  In our English class we are just learning how English has words, which need to be used accurately.  This lesson may appear simple, but it is the beginning to a foundation for making informed decisions, and being able to explain ideas clearly.