E-Learning Oct 31-Nov 7

29 10 2011

Hi Everyone!  This is a post for Moms & Dads to help with our KG EAP kids.

I know we have an extra week out of school, but let the learning continue!  You job EAL kiddos, is to bring back “one something” from your fall break.  You will share a story with the class what your “something” means.  Perhaps you went to the beach and want to bring back a little sand to talk about the sand castle you built?  Or maybe you went to Disneyland Hong Kong and you have a picture of you and Mickey Mouse?  Whatever you did, be ready to share something in EAP class!  Practice telling your mom or dad what story you are going to share first.

I am going to bring in some “Sea Glass”.  During my holiday, I was at the beach and found some colored glass along the shore.

See you all soon. ~~Ms. Pucci


ps.  There are great games to play on the “Literacy Games” tab on the blog.  Have fun!


14 10 2011

Our English class took the opportunity to collect frog eggs, and observe the cycle of tadpole to frog.  Our big concept question we asked during class, “Do living things change?”  We had a good time observing these little creatures!  Parents–you have homework:  Please watch the video together and have some conversations about how things change in your home language!  Thanks and enjoy!