Big Green Monster

23 11 2011

Our English class read the book The Big Green Monster and we then made our own monsters!  We used a similar rhythm and pattern to the book when we practiced talking about our monsters.  Our goal for this lesson aimed for students to practice correct sentence structure in English, (e.g. adjectives before nouns) and to build vocabulary (e.g. body parts).  As every student is in a different place with their English level, this was a great activity for all to feel successful and proud of what they CAN do!

Wood and Words

18 11 2011

Our English Class is having such fun these days!  We are exploring wood and having lots of tactile experiences to talk about.  Last week we glued popsicle sticks together and make Plywood.  This week, we mixed sawdust and glue together to make Particle Board.  Then, we compared & contrasted the two types of wood to expose their similarities and differences.

Just sharing ways to experience, to acquire and to add academic vocabulary .

E-Learning part II

1 11 2011

Hi Everyone,

Here is another suggestion for an e-learning activity.  Try to use both your home language and your English to connect vocabulary!  Go around the house, (kitchen, bedroom, or use a picture book) and touch an object, name it in your home language, then try to name it in English.  For example, (let’s practice with Dutch):  touch a plate and say the word for it out loud “Bord”, then name it in English “Plate“…next: vork, lepel, mes = fork, spoon, knife!  See how many things YOU can recall two languages!  (Parents–let them try their best, you do not have to teach them the words in English.  We are aiming at getting their languages connecting.)  Have fun!