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Here is an article for parents to browse through.  It speaks about multilinguals, language learning and more!

Suggestions For Parents

You, as parents, are very important in the education of your children.  The relationship between parents and schools is not the same in all countries and cultures.  At school, we want you to be involved in your children’s education.  Even if you do not speak English very well, there are many ways you can help your children do well in school.

  • Have a language action plan and language goals for your child.
  • Help your children be as fluent in your native language as possible by speaking and reading in your home language. A strong foundation in their native language will help your children learn another language.
  • Read to your child in your home language.
  • Listen to your children read to you in English.  Ideas, story elements and pictures can then be discussed in your home language.
  • Have your children tell you in your native language about the things they are doing in science, math, social studies, or special projects.
  • Be in communication with your child’s teachers.  Ask questions…feel free to participate and volunteer to help teachers during special events, or host a cultural event in your child’s classroom to help celebrate your child’s cultural link.

research article:    Cummins, J. (2007). Promoting literacy in multilingual contexts.

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